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Give yourself the gift of care

Take your inspiration from nature, an ancient land, and an exploration of creativity and wellbeing to live a life that’s a reflection of the deeper characteristics of yourself.

There is an artist in each of us and a need for meaning

Join our community of practitioners and facilitators for a unique opportunity to reignite your innate sense of play and expression, re-learn your body in a whole new way and reconnect to your creative self

Resonate Retreat
in Antiparos, Greece

Sparkling turquoise waters and golden sandy beaches bring the mythological to life nowhere more serenely than on the island of Antiparos, whose town of iconic eucalyptus covered white stone houses cascade into a fairy-tale town built around a 15th century castle.

"A Greek island that knew how to enjoy itself. Antiparos was my spiritual home in the 1980’s and it appears to fulfil the exactly the same function today." Kate Monro - author on her return to the Island
Resonate in Antiparos, October 2019

Visitors enjoy the outdoor activities of hiking, cycling, diving, windsurfing, cave gazing, and now coming into the seat of their true essence with TAU/ism Resonate Retreats.

Statheros Garden


We have partnered with the exceptional couple behind Statheros Garden, where only in a few years they have created an Oasis - a private secluded garden estate with its own farm, where each room is named after a local flower with its own veranda or terrace, and all just a few minutes away from the most stunning Pangia Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Island. The residences and garden estate will be open exclusively to our retreat guests.

Refreshed by the shades of the green crown of Tamarix trees which overlap the blue water, and a remarkable 5,300m2 garden, a true green oasis rich with a variety of plants, Statheros Garden is the ideal place for those who want to be close to the attractions of the village without giving up the serenity of an intimate, and truly special atmosphere. A stone's throw from the complex there is a hospitable tavern, famous for the quality of traditional Greek dishes, with a relaxing sea view.

At Statheros Garden everything is designed to offer pleasure, a stay with maximum respect for privacy and absolute well-being. All the rooms are organised so as to be spaced from those of the neighbours in order to experience that unmistakable sense of oasis in nature, in maximum freedom and exclusivity.

There are 9 rooms, recently built, varying in size from 20 to 50 square metres. All rooms have either large terraces or verandas that guarantee maximum privacy. Equipped with every comfort, the rooms combine the charm of the local architecture with the comforts of the most modern design choices. Large spaces and functional and refined furnishings participate in creating value for a lifestyle that can only seduce. In each accommodation there is air conditioning, a safe, free wifi ,mini bar, large rain shower , hairdryer, complete set of bathroom accessories, beach towels, smart TV, private parking.

In addition to a full board option with accommodation at Statheros Gardes and all meals, you are very welcome to arrange for self-boarding and self-catering with full access to all retreat activities and events. See price options below.

A personal invitation to

Find Your Paradise


A place or condition of great happiness where
everything is exactly as you would like it to be

The team behind TAU/ism welcomes you to create this condition within you on a 7 DAY yoga, creativity and relaxation retreat where you can experience the magic of one of the best kept secret islands in the Greek Cyclades

What magic! I never before had an experience like this.
Zuzana Praise for Resonate, Antiparos
"Beautiful place, can't wait to come back. We loved our stay here. The property felt brand new, very clean and was very comfortable. Beautiful setting, very quiet and relaxing. And the gardener gave us fresh pears and watermelon from the garden whenever he saw us sitting on our patio."
Katelyn Praise for Statheros Gardens
Melina is one of the best yoga instructors I have practiced with because she does powerful and at the same time very relaxing classes, gives clear instructions and gentle adjustments. Her yoga is on a very high Level so she can show you different poses and make you feel comfortable trying these under her guidance. A Special class you will definitely enjoy!
Pippilotta Viktualia Germany
"Wonderful true Greek experience. Very nice room, very clean and extremely friendly hosts. We slept amazing. In short, true Greek experience thanks to her detailed care, the amazing location next to one of the few remaining family taverna at a nice non-touristic beach."
Marie-Astrid M Praise for Statheros Garden
It was great to dance without being drunk! I could completely trust my body and let go
Jo Bubker Praise for Yoga Elektronika
The Breathwork was mind blowing - I never knew it could be so powerful I definitely recommend.
Ava Isaak Praise for Breathwork with Lia


Create the condition within you

Save $200 when you book your Resonate before 28 February 2023
+ receive your FREE online Breathwork course with code TAU200

7 Days

from $2,275

Real value $8,250+

(payment plan available)


from $1,650

Real value $7,250+

(payment plan available)

Your Resonate Retreat facilitators

We will bring together a community around practitioners
including healing therapists, workshop mediators, musicians and artists

Melina Linden

Yoga and Wellbeing FACILITATOR

Swedish, English, born in Greece, Melina began her academic journey studying biology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, then psychology at University of Southampton (UK) and University of Sydney (Australia), where she graduated with First Class Honours specialising in cyber-psychology, statistics and nutrition, and becoming published in the Journal of Technology in Human Services.
It was her later travels around the world, and in particular to the source of teaching in India, which evolved her academic expertise into an ability to work with individuals through the arts of yoga and meditation. Since completing her Vinyasa & Ashtanga training at Sampoorna in 2018, she has taught in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, South Africa, Greece, Nicaragua and Mexico. Melina has participated in two Yoga Teacher Trainings, and facilitated various workshops around the world as an anatomy teacher, as well as creating her own curriculum on “the Art of Teaching”. In 2022, she completed a Level 1 Breathwork training with Paul Jones and in March 2023 she plans on completing a 300 hour Vinyasa training in India. Working mostly with individuals and small groups, Melina combines the science of psychology with the spirituality of yoga, to assist her students on their path to self healing. Her current projects include Yoga Elektronika, created together with Lia Ikkos, research into psychedelic psychotherapy, and creating a new wellness space on the island of Mykonos.

Melina is one of the best yoga instructors I have practiced with because she does powerful and at the same time very relaxing classes, gives clear instructions and gentle adjustments. Her yoga is on a very high Level so she can show you different poses and make you feel comfortable trying these under her guidance. A Special class you will definitely enjoy!
Pippilotta Viktualia Germany
I've had the opportunity to try yoga with various instructors since I learnt the importance of yoga. Melina is definitely the best one I've had! I usually struggle with different poses etc, and she takes the time to fix every individuals pose during the session, and make sure we do better on our next session. Her clear instructions and calming voice, her constant help, and one can see clearly the passion she has for yoga!
Cristina Gauci UK
During the time of Covid-19 that brought a lot of uncertainty and anxiety into our lives I was lucky enough to be a part of Melina’s practice. Her calm demeanor, positive outlook and healing yoga practice was a true blessing and helped to keep my mind, body and soul grounded and at peace. I can’t thank you enough, Melina
Shayna Teutsch New Mexico
Melina is an excellent instructor with amazing communication skills and with great love for what she does. Every practice with her has been an amazing experience! highly recommended!
Irini Smaragda Greece
It was my first encounter with Yoga and had the best instructor ever.. as Melina...relaxed in every way... highly recommend her classes
Magda Palm Holland South Africa
Always enjoyed classes with Melina!! Great teacher and lovely person
Caroline Bottril Vietnam

One of Melina’s favourite quotes is “everything in moderation” and this informs her belief that balance is key to health and longevity. Combining the science of psychology with the spirituality of yoga she herself overcame depression and gained a deeper understanding on what it means to find inner peace. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with people who want to reprogram their mind, gain more control, peace, confidence and clarity. She offers tangible methods and practical tools to reduce stress and increase vitality.

Lia Ikkos


Graduate of  the Michaël Bijker Life Awareness Project Breathwork Instructor Training, Lia ‘s practice evolves from sacred theatre practices distilled through generations of folklore and formalised through the methodology of Gardzienice Theatre, Poland, where she lived and worked from the depths of the forest for over two years, much like the yogis of the mountain – away from society in a space devoted to spiritual actualisation. Breathwork is the basis for her practice as a performance maker, singer and actor, as it holds the keys to seizing the life force within and connecting the internal and external planes of awareness. As a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, as well as the Guildhall School of Music (Juniors) as a classical vocalist, and from the National Film & Television School as an entrepreneur and immersive event creator.

Lia was Soho House’s Mykonos Roc House resident breathwork facilitator for summer 2022. She will be guiding the breathwork, voice and performance activities at Resonate. Lia is co-founder of TAU/ism and Yoga Elektronika.

Had the pleasure of being led through movement and breathwork by Lia at her Yoga Elektronica events in Mykonos, and it’s the kind of experience that sticks with you long after you leave the mat. Her approach is intuitive and joyful. Most of all I appreciated the “come as you are” vibe. No judgment or pretense.
Margarita Greece
The Breathwork was mind blowing - I never knew it could be so powerful I definitely recommend.
“The audience stood still and couldn't move because of interest... At the end they moved around as tough it were nothing - I mean hiding they were touched.”
Vanya Grozdanova Sofia Underground Festival Director
“Lia’s performances were magical and created a beautiful atmosphere in the galleries.”
Imogen Willets The Royal Academy of Art

Breathwork came to Lia as she recovered from the traumatic experience of losing her voice. Searching for over a decade, it was through breathwork that she reprogrammed the connection between body and mind which allowed her to retrieve her voice and return to her love of singing. She is passionate about showing others avenues to deep states of connection to self, and hence to the world around, transforming fear into compassion and worry into wonder. 

Muna Khogali


Muna is the co-founder of TAU/ism and is a storyteller who helps companies from tech, private and charity sector build their brands and narrative.  From 2012 to 2017 she founded and ran one of Notting Hill’s most beloved institutions Book & Kitchen which combined a bookshop with a highly acclaimed music, events and gallery venue featuring some of the world’s most illustrious musicians, thinkers, writers and artists, as well as a cafe serving freshly made food from her own recipes. This was a creative endeavour for Muna who was behind designing every detail from the interiors, furniture design, as well as curating the unique collection of books, art exhibitions and cultural programs that attracted a vibrant community. Alongside her work in tech, Muna continues to be active in the creative arts and book communities hosting events and working with writers including her new to be launched project Minwar. 

The laudable Book & Kitchen, where children go to read and eat — wherever their place in the family
Fay Maschler Evening Standard
Visit and be amazed and celebrate an amazing bookshop.
Yemisi Aribisala Author, Praise for Book & Kitchen
Pure serendipity and a delight for eye, mind & stomach.
Mike Laslett Praise for Book & Kitchen
So much love for the Book & Kitchen and it's amazing staff, and Muna, who has once again outdone herself as a fantastic cook and the most generous and wonderful host. And heaps of love for the beautiful audience who filled the place with warmth. I am so lucky.
Gabrielle Papillon Musician
The perfect place to browse and be inspired by books that have been carefully selected with evident passion by the owner who also happens to be a brilliant chef! The salads and cakes are really delicious, and the place is so unpretentious and welcoming it almost feels like a second home.
Nargess Shahmanesh Banks Praise for Book & Kitchen
From the moment I arrived at Book and Kitchen (a beautiful bookshop with a café and events space in London’s Notting Hill, loved into being by director Muna Khogali), I knew this was going to be a good evening.
Ann Morgan Author, speaker and editor

Muna began to write regularly over the last few years as part of her wellbeing practice from morning journalling to short stories and this is now an essential part of her creativity alongside nature photography and cooking. Through experimentation and play she has been able to make large changes in her life and to regain confidence in her inner artist.

Întroducing the Sensational Event

Yoga Elektronika

Developed by Lia Ikkos and Melina Linden, Yoga Elektronika brings together the trio of breath work, movement and live DJ for an extraordinary experience. The dynamic duo alongside leading DJs have been pioneering these spectacular events across Greece partnering in Athens with the Blender Gallery and (Space+Light) ,in Mykonos with Soho House Roc House and Sanctuary Mykonos, and now arriving in Antiparos.

This was a was a totally new experience for me. I was out of my comfort zone but I felt safe to be so. I was drawn in by the yoga element but ended up loving the dance side of the experience. I'm not a natural dancer and I don't generally feel too confident to express myself through my body. I guess that's why it was so powerful. Combining breathwork, yoga and the ecstatic dance, really takes you somewhere within, and unexpected. Why do we only lose ourselves and dance when we're drunk? I loved taking the time and having the space to connect - to me.
Such a great experience! The breathing session with Lia has been mind bending - all the feelings and realising how much we can do with our breath to be more connected with our mind and body - truly special! And Melina’s yoga session followed by the ecstatic dance was both relaxing and filled with so so much energy, which made you feel present and in the moment. Both sessions, paired with cool music frequencies and changing moods, movement and fabulous people - can’t recommend it enough and hope to be back for another session soon.
Ava Isaak Athens
I didn’t know what to expect from this event, but was more than pleasantly surprised. I didn’t know I needed something like this until I was doing it! The breath work was my favourite, surprising how much tension you release through guided breath flow. The yoga after was the perfect amount of time, and gets you well warmed up for a dance afterwards! Would definitely recommend, blends so well with what the island stands for. Will definitely attend the next!
Everything was amazing. Very nice experience! Music, yoga, dance, my favourites
Attendee Mykonos

The Value of Resonate Retreat for you

7 Days

from $2,275

Real value $8,250+

(payment plan available)

Limited Space

from $1,650

Real value $7,250+

(payment plan available)

Daily 2 to 3 hour morning/evening Breathwork and Yoga practices following a designed Hero’s Journey
– A breathwork program to develop your awareness and understanding of the nervous system with a tool kit to take home with you to create your own practice. Control your breath to regain control over your entire life.
– A functional movement class with the foundations of yoga to open the body no matter what ability you have. This is a daily moving meditation class that activates the body’s self healing powers.

Paving the way for your inner child to emerge through play 
Reconnecting with confidence to your innate talents and natural gifts
Indulge your mind in outlets such as voice work, writing, painting and performance guided by our workshop leaders. Whatever your talent, we create a supportive space in which you can shine your light and share your gifts.

Antiparos is a sacred island with a long and mystical history. Join us in caves, grottos, on beaches, in wild nature to unleash your authentic self.Conquering your senses with the insanely beautiful and breathtaking natural world. Having fun with a community who uplift one another to the highest heights of joy.

An ecstatic dance experience combining the magical trio of breath, voice, freedom of movement and electronic music. This will be an extravaganza event for the Island, bringing in a very special live DJ.

Immersed in the bounty of the landscape, we take you on an inner journey through sound to release energetic weight and free your soul of trying experience and inherited burdens. Set at an exquisite location in the sacred House of Healing

Wonderful gathering for sharing and conversation, fun and dancing with delicious food, live music and ceremonial activities to mark the opening and closing of Resonate Retreat. Special gifts will be offered to all our guests.

Full board option at the private Statheros Garden. The residences and garden estate will be open exclusively to our retreat guests. This option starts at $1,000 for shared room and meals.
In addition to a full board option, you can also arrange for self-boarding and reduce the ticket cost, and find self-catering while maintaining full access to all retreat activities and events.

1 x 45 minute private session with one of our host practitioners on Voice Release sound healing, breathwork, or yoga for health

1 x 45 minute healing session with one of our guest therapists offering massages and reflexology

Catharsis The Self Worth Journaling Guide
Open your heart to express your deepest emotions, accelerate your healing journey and receive your soul’s messages.

Additional private consultations can be arranged with any of our consultants either during the Retreat or later. Costs individually priced starting from $150 – $250 per 75-90 minute sessions


Create the condition within you

Save $200 when you book your Resonate before 28 February 2023
+ receive your FREE online Breathwork course with code TAU200
“When we survey our lives, seeking to fulfill our creativity, we often see we had a dream that went glimmering because we believed, and those around us believed, that the dream was beyond our reach. Many of us would have been, or at least might have been, done, tried something, if…
If we had known who we really were.”
— Julia Cameron
What gifts do you have to give to the world?
In 2020 the world stopped turning. The pandemic brought us up close and personal with ourselves when every person on the planet was given the option to reflect on where we are. Suddenly stuck with ourselves, allowed to imagine another way of life - many of us began to dream again.

We all suffer from doubt

These doubts and fears are heightened at times of transformation and change, triggering continued habits of self-criticism. Changing ourselves takes courage - to go beyond the comfort zone to undo what has become normalised.

Many of us are riding a speed train that is fuelled by self neglect, and before we know it we’re burnt out, so far down the line we can’t ever remember where we came from, without a map or a path back to ourselves.

Maybe we can’t even remember what joy feels like. We do things because we have to, not because they feel good. We end up imposing our own cages when we are really seeking the healing power of Creativity, Optimism, Health and Self-Care.

When we make time for creativity, we allow ourselves to do what feels right, allowing our inner compass to surprise us. When we engage in wellbeing practices, we quieten the mind and allow the body to heal and express itself, and this takes us on huge quantum leaps towards the future that we WANT to live.

FREE yourself from the self-imposed doubts and fears to re-energise and re-awaken your passion and creative life force

“We are meant to create.
When we do work that’s not creative, that does not reflect who we are, that imposes depression, anxiety and a sense of meaninglessness”

— Gabor Mate
"You can't use up creativity.
The more you use, the more you have"
— Maya Angelou
“In filling the well, think magic. Think delight. Think fun. Do not think duty. Do not do what you should do—spiritual sit-ups like reading a dull but recommended critical text. Do what intrigues you, explore what interests you; think mystery, not mastery.”
— Julia Cameron

“Inspiration. What does that word say to you? It’s the moment between breaths when we’re in surrender to the unknown, when something can take us by surprise. Literally it is the moment that the breath drops in. If you’ve ever felt what it means to let your body take over and to quiet the mind, it’s like becoming one with everything around you. We live in complete denial of our insignificance, and paradoxically, this blocks our sense of power and wonder.”

Extract from Lia Ikkos’s new article on her journey with Breathwork. Click here to read the full text.