Holographic Folklore

/tɔː ˈɪzm/ Noun: ​
Contemporary Folklore + Holographic Knowledge​
A Philosophy of  ExchangeCollaborationsEncounters

"We are now entering another crossroads. The new digital landscape has transformed how we live and work. As we leap forward, we need to also remain rooted."

"The earth is our home, and we have to re-learn how to commune with her.
Through this new holographic folklore, through art, music, exchanges, encounters and digital relationships harnessed by the TAU cultural experiences and festival, we will do just that.
We want to invite the outside world back to Greece. To learn from this atmosphere which has not been forgotten.”
Lia Ikkos & Muna Khogali, Founders
Lia Ikkos

Founder and Director

Award-winning producer, curator and creator across multimedia spanning multi-disciplinary environments – theatre, exhibitions, digital content, film & TV.  Lia’s passion is to champion artists and produce spectacular events that match talent with institution and audiences across the globe.  Founding her first opera company in 2011, Lia has since founded a further 2 leading venues in London. As a singer, actor and writer she is signed to an A List Agency in Los Angeles.
Muna Khogali

Founder and Director

Storyteller and builder extraordinaire having helped companies from tech to finance and public sector build their brands and grow their marketshare, Muna is a strategic thinker, communicator, avid technologist and has that magic ability to always see the big picture. She founded one of Notting Hill’s most beloved cultural venues and bookshops hosting some of the world’s most illustrious musicians, thinkers and artists. She is active in the creative, literary and charity sector.

“Music has the power to restore a sense of beauty, mystery, and depth of feeling to the presence of our lives.”

Christos vayenas
Ambassadors and collaborators
Christos Vayenas


Christos is CEO and Co-Founder of Arium Live which since March 2020 has facilitated 500+ virtual concerts across multiple online platforms, earning musicians revenue. Alongside this he directs the Autumn Salon, an organization dedicated to the timeless artistic traditions of the world.Christos is a world renowned pianist and composer.

Creative Partner

Bridging Greece with the outside world, DJ, artist and influencer Manolaco is a key player in Greece’s nightlife, connecting top DJs, venues, audiences and businesses. Manolaco has a massive following across Greece and Europe.
Leke aka CHiF


Spearheading a new wave of electronic music originating from Lagos, Nigeria by way of London, musician + producer + vocalist Leke aka CHiF travels between his two cities, seeking ways to explore and push the musical envelope. Laying foundation for a new wave of genre defying afro-electronica through his award winning Ekiti Sound’s debut album.
Melina Linden

Wellbeing Ambassador

A force for good in her immutable belief that wellbeing can be integrated in all aspects of our lives, Melina collaborates with TAU/ism in the form of Yoga Electronika. A teacher of Yoga (trained at the source in India), Melina also has a BSC in Psychology and an evolving practice in emerging alternative holistic treatments with an international following.

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