Christos Vayenas

A self-taught pianist, composer, and improviser, Christos draws inspiration from the Romantic and Symbolist eras of the past, as well as a wide range of musical traditions of the world. He perceive music as a harmonizing force that can evoke powerful experiences of authenticity, emotion, and the ineffable.

“My name is Christos Vayenas, I’m a pianist, composer and improvisor.

Rather than being seen as mere forms of entertainment, I believe the arts are meant to serve a deeper purposeā€”to awaken and restore a sense of beauty, mystery, and depth of feeling to the presence of our lives.

Regarding my own music, I love to improvise on old pianos, and in old spaces. To me, the more life an instrument has lived, the richer the sound world that emerges from them; as if the inner worlds of the past are reawakened and channelled through me.”


USA, Europe